Friday, July 11, 2008

CHANGE (Takuya Kimura) Ep 1 - ?? English Subs

CHANGE EP1 (700+mb)

Hachi- one Diver (81 Diver, ハチワンダイバー) EP 1 - 9 Incomplete Chinese Subtitles


Sugata Kentaro is a former professional player of a Japanese chess-like board game known as shogi. (The manga's title comes from the 81 squares on a shogi board.) After leaving the pro circuit, Sugata enters the world of "Shinkenshi" ("true sword-masters"), or players who gamble on shogi and other board games like go and mah-jong. He meets his match in Nakashizu Soyo, a female Shinkenshi who happens to be a part-time maid in Akihabara

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep01].rmvb (174.2 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep02].rmvb (176.15 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep03].rmvb (173.44 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep04].rmvb (171.96 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep05].rmvb (170.87 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep06].rmvb (176.32 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep07].rmvb (171.6 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep08].rmvb (179.87 MB)

[SUBPIG][Hachi-One Diver ep09].rmvb (171.48 MB)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Disable and Bypass MegaUpload Country Download Slots Limit

When the limit is hit, the message such as “All slots assigned to your country are in use, try again later” will appear. To hack the MegaUpload download slots limit by country so that you can bypass the download slots limit, anonymous surfing or referrer blocker service can help:

If MegaUpload download link is

Then replace the URL to the following format:

Alternatively, use any anonymous surfing service such as Anonymouse or Guardster free web proxy to bypass the MegaUpload download limit. Steps to use Guardster to bypass MegaUpload Country limit are:

  1. Go to the following site:
  2. Input the MegaUpload download link in the Address text box. (where you will see http:// in the box)
  3. Uncheck (Unselect) all the options, like No Cookies, No Scripts, No Images, Hide Referrer, Hide User Agent, Hide Title, Hide Header.
  4. Click on the button “I agree an wish to surf anonymously”.

Another workaround for MegaUpload slots limit is by using Google Language Tool translation capability.

  1. Go to Google Language Tool, and scroll to Translate section. Or you can go direct to Google Translate.
  2. Input MegaUpload download link into the tex box (where you can see http://) below the “Translate a web page:”.
  3. For “from” option, the default (depending on your Google interface) English to German will do the trick, although other options will likely to allow the hack too.
  4. Click on the “Translate” after the language option, and wait for the MegaUpload download page to load, which allows you to start download immediately without the limitation by download limit per country.